Diorama Maps NYC & Paris  Sohei Nishino

Images 1 and 5 show the full diorama map by Sohei Nishino. The following four images for each city are detail images from each diorama map.

(Source: archatlas, via archatlas)

Cello Suites.- Batch

Poetic Cinemagraphs that bring New York City to life

Des dessins dans des photos 

By Ben Heine

Les carnets de croquis de Mattias Adolfsson

La natation syncronisée

Jean-Baptiste Courtier

Libyan Oild Fields

Mishka Henner

"Can’t a partner just be a partner? A really good one, who gets you, who likes you just as much as you like him or her, who stimulates you intellectually and as a bonus, offers athletic value to your exercise regiment while in bed?"

- The Man Repeller

Colleen Cunningham

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